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What is Kona Snow?

What is Kona Snow?

What is it?

Kona Snow is the name of this beautiful, delicate, aromatic white flowers of the coffee tree. The Kona coffee belt of Hawaii Island is a warm, tropical environment high in the hills at the perfect elevation and temperature.

How does it smell?

Coffee was botanically misclassified and put in the same family as jasmine. It is no wonder this happened as the two flowers have a similar scent when in full bloom. Coffee flowers also smell a little bit like citrus blossoms – pleasant, sweet, yet mild.

When does it happen?

February and March are the periods when coffee plantations are covered with beautiful white flowers. This phenomenon is called Kona snow, and it is widely photographed and admired by locals as well as visitors. By April, the bl​oom finishes ​and green berries begin to appear on the trees.