Rich in history, rich in flavor

Llanes Kona Coffee Estates is a 3rd generation family-owned Kona coffee farm, located on the Big Island of Hawaii on the Kona Coast, in a little town called Keauhou Mauka on the beautiful slopes of Hualalai Volcano.

Sabas Llanes created a legacy that has passed on to the third generation of the Llanes family. In tribute to their grandfather, the Llanes family has kept the tradition of producing 100% Single Estate Kona Coffee, handpicking only the coffee cherry when it is red.

It is then pulped, sun dried, milled, roasted to order in small batches and packaged entirely in-house, ensuring an excellent tasting, 100% Pure Kona Coffee.

Sabas would be proud of this accomplishment. If he were here today, you would find him where he loved to be the most - on his beloved Kona coffee.

We sell 100% Kona Coffee. We make everything in house from growing our single-estate coffee, picking only the red- ripe cherries, pulping it, dry milling and hand-roasting to perfection.  

All Llanes Coffee Estates coffee is drum roasted in small batches. Each roast is tailored specifically to the individual and roasted only after the order is placed. Llanes Coffee Estates coffee is guaranteed to be freshly roasted ensuring the finest flavor. All roasts are 100% natural with no flavors added. Our freshly roasted Kona coffee's aroma is sublime, an experience you can enjoy with each bag.

Kona Trees Blooming

Ripe cherries ready to be picked

Pulping coffee & soaking the beans for 24 hours

Soaking the beans for 24 hours

Beans drying on the deck until they reach the perfect moisture

Sun dried coffee beans

Sun-dried coffee is a superior choice for coffee lovers who are looking for a delicious and sustainable product. With its rich flavor, eco-friendly impact, and sun-drying process, it offers a unique and satisfying coffee experience.

Life cycle of coffee beans

Coffee is a fruit - an extremely precious fruit. It takes at least 200 coffee cherries to brew the 50-ounce pot of coffee you enjoy each day.

Coffee is a self-pollinating plant which is produced from a magnificent display of honeysuckle-like blooms. Each year (depending on coffee origin) millions of flowers bloom for a few days, just after the area’s initial heavy rains; then, the flowers whither and fall off the trees.  The flowering is a critical part of the growing cycle since a node will form where each flower bloomed.  From each of these nodes a single coffee cherry, which contains the precious coffee beans that we enjoy each day, will form.

Green coffee cherries, developed from each node left by the fallen flower, grow for six to eleven months, depending on the length of the rainy season.

With the end of the rainy season, comes the ripening of the coffee cherries.  The large green cherries will turn either yellow or red, depending on the varietal, and fill with the sweet mucilage (pulp) that surrounds the seed.  Unlike the flowering process, the ripening process is slow and unsteady.  Not all cherries ripen at the same time and we only hand pick the ripen cherries ensuring the high quality of our Kona Coffee

100 %Kona & Hawaiian Green Coffee Beans

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