The Beginnings of Greatness

Llanes Kona Coffee Estates is located on the Big Island of Hawaii on the Kona Coast, in a little town called Keauhou Mauka on the beautiful slopes of Hualalai Volcano.  Sabas Llanes created a legacy that has passed on to the third generation of the Llanes family.  In tribute to their grandfather, the Llanes family has kept the tradition of producing 100% Single Estate Kona Coffee, handpicking only the coffee cherry when it is red.  It is then pulped, milled, roasted to order in small batches and packaged entirely inhouse, ensuring an excellent tasting, 100% Pure Kona Coffee.  Sabas would be proud of this accomplishment.  If he were here today, you would find him where he loved to be the most - on his beloved Kona coffee farm.